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Thank you for joining us last weekend!

Dear Attendees,

We would like to thank you all for joining our very first convention! Me and Gary just got home monday evening and have been overwhelmed with all the follow up we need to do. A lot of media attention is also coming our way and it will take us a couple of weeks to get everything sorted and get all the updates out!

We apologize for thé livestream problems and are looking at a way to refund webinars. We will make the phycisist discussion public hopefully by this weekend and thé other presentations Will follow over thé next few weeks.

We are first trying to resolve what gave us so many issues with thé stream and audio. This is our first time and we are proud of what we achieved but well aware of the problems we had along the way.

Thank you for thé support and understanding. We had a blast and hope you all felt thé same. All updates and info Will be on our new website:

We loved doing this and are already in the process to have another one next year, but this time in Amsterdam!

As this is a learning process for us all we appreciate all the feedback and help you can offer!

We also found that the many tec problems gave us many time issues with our already to filled programme, so we wanted to do something different next time and only focus on workshops and another physicist debate.

Thank you all for joining us and any future emails please direct to and info via as we will shut down our previous site and mail in a couple weeks.

Kind regards,
Didi and Gary

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