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Martin Liedtke

“Martin Liedtke AKA Flat Earth British has been a pioneer in the truth community and flat earth community since it really took off in 2015 and has more recently diversified into research hidden histories. His channel has enjoyed massive growth in 2018/9 and because he is involving the hive mind of the community to share information, he has grown a massive body of work covering many subjects such as: Alternative Histories, The mud floods, alternative energy, history being reset, star forts and the torus model for flat earth. His series “The Greatest Story Never Told” encapsulates this research into a single presentation and Martin aims to bring this and his torus model for flat earth to the convention.

Irresistibly passionate about his subject matter , Martin’s curiosity and dedication to this subject has brought him well deserved recognition in the community and we are very pleased that he has agreed to present at this year’s convention”

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