Gary John

Gary John (full name, Gary John Heather), is 55 years of age. Gary spent 95% of his life just accepting what was presented to him. In late summer of 2015 he came across a video, ‘Flat Earth Clues’, by Mark Sargent. From that moment forth he became a flat earther. However, to be more accurate, Gary eventually evolved in to a geocentric / non globe believer.

Several months of research was predominately on YouTube, but did include a weekend and testing with fellow flat earthers. In March 2016 opened up the door to the Sun and Moon group, which then involved hangouts and some great connections.

Keen to meet fellow truthers and perhaps make a difference, Gary embarked on researching on how to put on a flat earth convention. This included a weekend trip to a small town near Utrecht, and also attend more Sun and Moon hangouts. Within a few months, Gary connected with Didi Vanh, and a great connection developed. This took on 2 modes, with one starting to look at a joint venture in Europe and the other was to start assisting with the UK event. This soon developed in to us both visiting potential venues in Amsterdam and soon after, we joined forces to manage the UK Convention equally.

Gary has enjoyed his activism journey, which has included:
Several meet ups in England / Wales, 2 research visits to The Netherlands, a laser test in Hungary and the FEIC convention in Denver. The UK Convention was the most significant part of the active journey, and the subsequent invite on to national television. Including his home country, Gary has visited a total of 4 more countries, in the search for the truth. Along this journey, he has slowly learnt about other major issues and manipulation forced upon us. Eyes now wide open (hopefully), and meeting all of the fellow believers has been life changing.