Didi Vanh

Didi Vanh is born and raised in Belgium. She started her journey into ‘truth’ when the twin towers came down! In the summer of 2016 she came across a flat earth video and within a couple of weeks everything changed. In November 2016 she started her first You Tube channel and went to the FEIC convention in Raleigh.

Just a couple months after becoming a public flat earther she was offered a chance to help with the UK convention and soon after joined the FEcore team. She has been traveling a lot since than trying to help, learn and meet as many like minded people as possible. She is very active behind the scenes and wants to offer a helping hand wherever she can but her biggest passion is in bringing people together via meet-ups and conventions!

After a great experience being the co-organiser at the first FE convention in Birmingham, she has now taken charge to organise the second convention and joins forces again with Gary John. Who became a good friend and they became a strong organising team!

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