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Amsterdam FE Convention: Looking for Debaters

We are looking for heliocentric speakers for our second debate, do you want to represent and defend the heliocentric position and have the credentials or background to do so, please get in contact now via

It will take place on saturday 28 September 2019 in central Amsterdam. We offer you lunch and a small fee and will refund your transport cost.

A list of questions will be set-up and given to you in advance by our geocentric debaters, you can offcourse send your questions in as well. You will have time to prepare and will get 20 minutes to introduce yourself in the morning, while the debate starts in the afternoon (total of 3 hours).

We ask for an open and respectfull discussion between all parties, and our host will be objective during the debate.

In 2018 we had these 3 young guys step up and be the first to have an open communication between the two models, 2 of them where doing their PHD in astrophysics, the third one already had this degree. We welcome all fields of study and want to invite you to take this chance and teach us why you think we are wrong.

contact us via

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