Speakers – Kidderminster 13-15/09/2019


Mark Devlin

Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ, music journalist and author. As a DJ he has played gigs in over 40 different countries. In 2010, he underwent what he refers to as a conscious awakening, bringing a new […]

Globe Lie UK Tour

Join the European Globe Lie Tour in 2019. After 2 weeks of traveling across the UK, the globe tour will join us for the weekend in Kidderminster. Sharing their adventures on the friday night, we are excited to learn more […]

Jason Disbury

Join Jason Disbury on his European Globe Lie Tour in 2019. After 2 weeks of traveling, Jason will join us for a weekend in Kidderminster. Sharing his adventures on the friday night, we are excited to learn more about his […]

Darylle Marble

After 2 weeks of traveling with the UK tour, Darylle will join us for a weekend in Kidderminster. Darryle Marble is better knows as D. Marble with the Flat Earth Community. From the southern state of Arkansas; Darryle is a […]


Martin Liedtke

“Martin Liedtke AKA Flat Earth British has been a pioneer in the truth community and flat earth community since it really took off in 2015 and has more recently diversified into research hidden histories. His channel has enjoyed massive growth […]

Paul on the plane

Paul is a video content creator, speaker, writer, radio host, and podcaster. He is the founder and creator of the award-winning video series Faking Space, which has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube and consists of more […]

Dave Marsh

Dave Marsh from Sheffield and now living in Ripley , Nottinghamshire has been studying the moon with his Nikon P900 camera and has spoken at more than one Flat Earth Convention for his work. An activist and documenter of the […]

Antony Riley

An under graduate in Law and a post graduate in Legal Practice, I left the legal profession in 2009 as I set up my own business and have been self-employed ever since. My angle in this subject is always evidence […]

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Mark Sargent

Growing up on South Whidbey Island, Washington, Mark Sargent started his career playing computer games professionally in Boulder Colorado. From there he spent the next 20 years training people in proprietary software. In 2014, he looked into what is no […]

Dave Murphy

Dave’s works spans several years now covering many subjects which can all be found on his website and his You Tube channel is where his material can be found. Dave is one of our Sunday Speakers and will be joining […]

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Robin Campbell

Globe Lie UK Convention Host and organiser. Bristol Meetup Host. www.provetheglobe.com challenge to all scientist creator. Roxanne and Robin’s Podcast host and Liftin the Lid Youtube Channel content creator.


Roxanne Glen or better known as Roxanne The Globalist Denier ( You Tube ) is a mother of two living in London and woke up to flat earth in 2015 after years of truth seeking. In 2018, in 6 short months, she […]


Adam Meakin

Iron Realm Media. We are Awake. We are Aware. We are Not Alone. We are Striving for More. More Information. More Knowledge. More Freedom. More Iron. Iron Realm Media. #FindMore. Would you like to know more? ================ IRON REALM PRESENTS: […]

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