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Kidderminster Globe Lie Convention: Your Co-Host

Roxanne Glen or better known as Roxanne The Globalist Denier ( You Tube ) is a mother of two living in London and woke up to flat earth in 2015 after years of truth seeking. In 2018, in 6 short months, she had started creating content , took part in and started organising street activism events. She can be found at speakers corner since the summer of 2018 and continues to do so on the last Sunday of every month.

She supported, participated and hosted the Globe Lie Tour, one of the most impactful 8 weeks in UK Flat Earth history where 52 towns and cities were activated by Harry Macdonald, Jason of the Disbury family and dozens of other amazing activists.

Not stopping there Roxanne will co-host the next Globe Lie UK convention for 2019 with Robin Campbell, will support the Globe Lie Tour again. She is also co-host of new podcast called “Roxanne and Robin’s Podcast” available on iTunes, Sticher, Spotify and Google Play.

Now helping Antony Riley of FECORE to take on the UK education system under the Education Act principles, and being actively involved with Dr John D’s experiments at Hove UK.

Roxanne has thrown herself passionately into all she is involved with and isn’t prepared to sit back and watch from the sidelines. She’s in a hurry and we don’t advise getting in her way.

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