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Kidderminster Globe Lie Convention: New speaker announced!

Antony Riley : An under graduate in Law and a post graduate in Legal Practice, I left the legal profession in 2009 as I set up my own business and have been self-employed ever since. My angle in this subject is always evidence based and always focused on how strong the evidence is and how reliable it is. I have currently completed a Masters in Law as a result of a GoFundMe campaign from within the community and the point of the campaign was to force a peer review paper into the legal journals for critical acclaim. I believe the National Curriculum is being used as a tool to brainwash our children with pseudo-science and fails to realise that science is policed by the law. It is not a law unto itself. I have been actively pursuing a legal action against the National Curriculum content as it is “partisan political promotion” and should actually be banned from the National Curriculum as it isn’t actually science.

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